Moving Box

Preparing your “Move-in-kit”

From all of the years we have been in this business, one of the most overlooked items to consider is your “Move-In-Kit”, otherwise known as your “Open First” box. This box should be transported with you, or be clearly identified for being loaded last / unloaded first on the moving truck. We have been to[…]

Winter Moving By King`s Transfer

Winter Moving

Moving is stressful, moving during the winter months, next level. There are plenty of factors to consider when moving during the winter, but first let us consider the positive ones. Moving in the off season can lead to cheaper rates and more flexible scheduling, sounds good to me. Now the obstacles, the obvious is the[…]

Young Couple

Avoid Moving Scams!

With so many movers to choose from, rogue or “scam” movers can easily hide among the legitimate. How do you sift through the movers, the web sites and the emails to avoid the scam? 1. See if the mover belongs to any professional organizations. The Canadian Association of Movers, Members of any international organizations, Members[…]