Are Your Worldly Possessions Properly Insured For Your Move?

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It is highly unlikely that your home insurance company will provide you with the required protection against the possible loss or damage associated with international moving. King’s Transfer International can provide you with 3rd party coverage designed to protect your goods against the risks of moving by road, rail, air or sea.

Although our Montreal movers are skilled and trained in their field and exercise extreme care and attention to your possessions during packing, loading, delivery & unpacking, it is important to remember that your belongings will travel by road, rail, air or sea, which carries unforeseen risks. Your personal insurance policies (home owners, renters or automobile insurance policies) will likely not cover you for your personal belongings while they are in transit or moved to a foreign country. Even though King’s Transfer International will take every precaution to avoid damage, you can surely appreciate the distance travelled, the rigors of transport and the possibilities of a shipping disaster, means that the incidences of loss or damage may be increased. Therefore, we highly recommend transit protection to ensure that you are appropriately compensated should there be an unfortunate event causing damage or loss.

We have three (3) different options to choose from:

  • Total loss only
  • Standard Insurance
  • Enhanced Insurance

What does it cover and what does it exclude?

Our insurance broker, UNIRISC, has developed an international insurance program designed specifically for movers and forwarders. This enables us to provide our customers with different insurance packages that can protect you for the following;

  1. Vehicles covered up to book value
  2. Sets & pairs losses (enhanced coverage only)
  3. Acts of God
  4. Moth or insect damage
  5. Mold and mildew damage (enhanced coverage only)
  6. Loss of value for antiques
  7. Mechanical/electrical malfunction (enhanced coverage only)
  8. … as well as 6 months storage in transit, at no additional charge!!

Depending on the insurance option you choose, the level of protection will vary. We can essentially protect all your household goods and personal property, door to door!

How do I get transit insurance?

UNIRISC Insurance is additionally underwritten by XN Financial, the world’s leading provider of this type of coverage. In order to obtain insurance of your possessions, you will be required to completed an Application Form for All-Risk Coverage and sign where indicated. A completed valued inventory form must be submitted to your King’s Transfer international coordinator at least 2 business days prior to the export of your move. If you elect not to protect your possessions during transport, you will be required to sign an insurance waiver releasing King’s Transfer International and its’ partners from any/all liability.

Ask us today how King’s Transfer International can help you choose the right protection for your move.

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